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Ceilings are one of the most neglected areas in most interior decoration projects. We are so caught up with the color of walls, its finish and the kind of artifacts we want for the room, that we forget altogether about the ceilings. A beautiful living room ceiling design can add a touch of class and elegance to any room. Even the color of ceilings determines the mood and look of a room. If a ceiling is painted in a darker color, then the rest of the walls, then the room looks cozy, warm and intimate. A light colored ceiling, on the other hand, will give you a airy and spacious atmosphere.

Ceiling designs are not limited to the use of ceiling colors, as nowadays, there are many different ceiling designs to choose from. So if you want to give a complete makeover to your home, do not ignore the ceilings. There are many ceiling design ideas and here we will discuss about ceiling designs for living room.

False Ceiling Designs for Living Rooms

If you do not want a plain conventional ceiling, then the best ceiling designs for living room will be a false ceiling or suspended ceiling. False ceiling designs for living rooms are very popular as they give the living room warmth and coziness. A suspended ceiling is nothing but a flat ceiling that is built underneath an existing ceiling. The ceiling panels of the false ceiling is built with light weight acoustic materials that are installed in a grid pattern. The recess that is in between the suspended ceiling and the original ceiling is used for housing wirings and other such materials. A false ceiling can be made more functional by installing dim lights or mood lighting fixtures. They are best used in rooms that have a considerably higher ceiling height, as false ceilings lower the ceiling height by about 4 to 6 inches. Decorative panels can also be used to give the false ceiling an attractive appearance. Installing suspended ceiling will give your living room a unique ambiance.

Wooden Ceiling Designs for Living Room

If you live in a country style house, or you want to give a country appearance to your living room, then the best ceiling designs for living room will be wooden ceiling designs. Wooden ceiling designs like a cathedral ceiling made with wooden beams looks very attractive in a large and spacious living room. High sloping ceilings make a dramatic statement in your living room. Cathedral ceilings are visually attractive but they do have some practical problems likes insulation and ventilation. Nevertheless cathedral ceilings are a wise choice if you live in large house with a spacious living room. Light fixtures used in cathedral ceilings should be hung low so that there is adequate lighting in the room. Extra lighting can be installed by using floor lamps in different designs. You can also go for coffered ceiling designs which is a square box like pattern made with wooden beams.

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